1. Obtaining a Parking Card
A. A monthly parking card or permit may be obtained by the company administrator or as an individual by registering online at Applicants must complete the application identifying each vehicle to be used by the card holder. The following information must be furnished for each vehicle listed: License tag number, vehicle’s make, model, year and color.
B. A processing fee is required for the issuance of an access card. A fee could be invoiced for lost cards.
C. A lost or stolen parking card should be reported as soon as possible.
D. Do not leave your parking card in your car. It may become warped due to heat or cracked due to cold temperatures.

2. Conditions For Use of a Parking Card or Permit
A. A parking card or permit authorized the holder to have only one of the vehicles listed on the application in the garage at any given time.
B. Owners of more than one vehicle or members of car pools may, therefore, use a single card for more than one vehicle as long as each one has been listed and only one vehicle is parked in the garage at the time.
C. If two members of a car pool drive two vehicles on the same day, only one car pooler will be permitted to use the parking card. The other car pooler must pull a ticket and park in Visitor Parking and must pay for parking at the current daily rate.
D. The card holder is responsible for updating online any changes regarding card type, license number, address, employer or telephone number.
E. Any parker found to be misusing their parking privileges (Example, but not limited to: passing the card to another individual) will be subject to termination of privileges.
F. Failure to properly register your car or misuse of parking spaces may subject your car to towing.
G. Long term storage of vehicles, properly registered or not, is not permitted without the prior written consent of LAZ Parking. Special Rates apply for overnight storage.

3. Payments on a Parking Account
A. All checks should be made payable to LAZ Parking. Car poolers making payments should list the card holder’s name on the check payments.
B. Payment for monthly parking is due on the 1st of each month. Payment is considered late after the 5th and card deactivation is on the 10th.
A reconnection fee could be invoiced for all cards deactivated. If the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, payments are due the prior business day. Prorating of monthly charges will be done on a half month basis only. Any parker with an outstanding balance after the 10th of the month may be assessed a late fee. If the balance remains outstanding beyond the 15th, the parking card will be deactivated and monthly parking privileges will be terminated until payment is made. A reactivation fee may be assessed in addition to the late fee. Anyone having their card deactivated a total of three (3) times risks having their parking privileges terminated.
C. Refunds for parking will not be made to anyone whose card has been deactivated due to nonpayment.
D. Monthly payment must be made by check to the remit address on the invoice.
E. All checks returned from the bank for nonpayment will be assessed a service charge.
F. If the parker believes an error has been has been made on his/her account, proof of payment will be required (canceled check or cash receipt). No adjustments will be made without verification.

4. Termination of Parking
A. Upon termination of parking, the parking card must be returned to LAZ Parking in order to receive a card deposit refund.(If applicable)
The tenant’s parking account must be current and paid in full and the access card must be in working condition before a refund will be issued.
Credit is based on the date the card is returned to LAZ Parking.
B. The rental for a parker’s final month will be prorated on a half month basis only if a full month is not used. Cards turned in and cancelled by the 15th day of any month will be credited a half month. No credit for cards turned in after the 15th day of the month.
C. All card deposit refunds are made within 4-6 weeks after the card is returned.
D. 30 Day’s written advanced notice of upcoming termination is required. Refunds will not be given without the written advanced notice of cancellation.

5. Procedures When you Forget Your Card
A. If the monthly parker is without an access card, a ticket should be pulled to enter the parking deck. You will be granted a one time exit without charge. The parker’s name and card number will be logged and a follow up check of the card use history will be performed. Any person found to be misusing their parking card will be subject to termination of parking privileges.

6. Parking Deck Procedures
A. Follow directional signs throughout all levels of the deck.
B. Use your parking deck access card to both enter and exit from the facility. DO NOT TAKE A TICKET TO ENTER THE GARAGE.
C. The parking access system will not allow passbacks or multiple exits. Access cards must be used in sequence. Only one entrance and one exit are allowed per cycle. Unlimited cycles are allowed daily.
D. Overnight storage of a vehicle is not permitted without the prior consent of LAZ Parking.
F. A speed limit of 5 mph will be monitored by Parking Personnel and Security Officers: violations will be issued.
G. Parking is not allowed in RESERVED, VISITOR, HANDICAP PARKING OR IN NO PARKING ZONES unless authorized to do so.
I. Please deposit trash in containers located at each elevator station.
J. Any accident occurring in the garage involving damage to vehicles or personal injury should be reported to the Local Police (911) and Building Security.
K. LAZ PARKING is not responsible for theft, damage, loss of vehicles or items contained within the vehicle while parked on the premise. Damage or theft to any vehicle is the sole responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.
L. Any parker receiving three (3) or more violations will be subject to termination without further warning. Violations are given for using two spaces, driving the wrong way, speeding or any other reasons at the discretion of the Parking Manager.
M. Unidentified vehicles. A citation will be left on the windshield. A response is required the following day to ensure identification

7. Conflict
It is understood and agreed that the rules and regulations for any particular parking location may be more restrictive those set forth above. In the event of such a conflict, the rules and regulations for that specific parking location shall govern. You should check with the particular parking location to determine the particular rules and regulations that apply for such parking location.